Keonig Fund Raiser

Dustin and Kandi Koenig, both only 29 years old, were killed in a farm accident in rural eastern Montana on January 9, 2005. The accident happened when a large and heavy building panel fell on them. Their two older children discovered them when they went out to do chores—which scene must have been heartbreaking.

Lead by Agri-News editor Linda Grosskopf, the vast Agri-News community scattered across America "adopted" these four special children: Tina, who was 11; Travis, 9; Taylyn, 7; and Terrell, only 4.

The children had the extreme good fortune of having two sets of loving grandparents living in the immediate area; the children moved in with one set and visited the other.

Linda appealed to her readers in the following manner: “I want the children to be wrapped in a cloak of care and compassion. I want them to KNOW that there are countless people in rural America who DO care. I think it will make a difference to them as they grow up and try to sort the situation out.”

In 2005, the cost of ONE lousy semester at a local college was $4,550; the average student needs a minimum of 8 semesters ($18,200), but trend is for 10 semesters ($22,750). And that's not counting books or room and board.

As of April 12, 2005, Linda had received $52,041 from 31 states! And by the time it was all said and done, $106,000 had been raised to ensure college educations for Tina, Travis, Taylyn, and Terrell. Like her great-grandfather Bill Huntington might have said, Linda was “just blowed away” by her readers' generosity.